Music Recommendation, 19th May

Bethel – I’ve found a love

Something is missing in your life. Something untangible, you can’t put your finger on it. A silent, unexplained emptiness and a sense of being lacklustre. What you need is some soulfood: God’s love. He’s waiting if you’re ready.

Not good enough for heaven

There seems to be this popular misconception that Christians are “holier than thou” and that somehow by following God’s commandments we make ourselves better than everyone else and more worthy of getting to heaven.  The truth is almost the exact opposite: Christians are just people, who are as prone to being self-centred as the next person.

The cornerstone of Christian theology is that, by our own actions, we do not deserve to enter into heaven.  This is precisely why we need Jesus – his sacrifice on the cross paid the penalty we deserve for our sins (which is why Jesus’ last words on the cross are “It is finished”).  In dying, Jesus literally became the scapegoat for mankind and in rising again, Jesus proves that he is who he claimed to be: God incarnate.

This is grace, that rather than being given the punishment we deserve for our actions we are offered entry into heaven as a friend of Jesus, and shows how vast God’s love is for each of us.  The only question worth asking then is “do you accept Jesus’ sacrifice as atonement for your sins?”.

Finally, a word about those “holier than thou” Christians – once you truly realise how awesome, undeserved and deep God’s love is for us, the only possible response is to live a life dedicated to Him, serving others as Jesus commanded and showing them the same love that God shows us.

On the train to London on Thursday, the following popped into my head – if anyone wants to use it as the refrain for a song or hymn then feel free to share your ideas:

I’m not good enough for heaven,
But I know they’ll let me in,
For my faith resides in Jesus,
Who redeems me from my sin.

Music Recommendation, 3rd May

tobyMac – Me Without You

Ever felt like you don’t know where you are heading? God provides you with direction. Listening to Him means your actions start to make sense, because He sees the bigger picture. Where are you without Him?

I’d be packin’ my bags when I need to stay, I’d be chasin’ every breeze that blows my way…

Casting Crowns

I’m listening to a lot of Casting Crowns at the moment.  I really love their driving sound and heartfelt biblical lyrics to their songs.  It’s difficult to pick out any favourites but I’m going to highlight two songs in particular.

Courageous is an anthem for the modern Christian man and I think it is particularly apt for where we are as a church at present – seeking to engage in meaningful outreach that makes an impact on people in our communities.

Just another birthday is a heart-rending song that brings me close to tears listening to it.

I can definitely recommend you get more Casting Crowns in your life!