Recommended reads

Here’s a list of books I really recommend you read, whether you are looking to build your faith or understand the arguments and beliefs that you may wish to refute:

1) Well, the bible obviously, but if you are starting out then Mark’s gospel is the most accessible and Acts is the story of what happened immediately after Jesus’ death and resurrection … and if you want to refute Christianity then hold your nose and read them anyway to find out what outrageous things we Christians believe!

2) Josh McDowell’s “Evidence that demands a verdict” is the Christian apologist’s handbook and well worth having on every thinking Christian’s bookshelf … and again, if you want to argue against Christianity these are the arguments you need to engage with – so read it, build up your case and let’s have a chat about it …

3) Lee Strobel’s “The case for Christ” is the story of a journalist who goes out to demolish the outrageous claims of Christianity, but ends up believing them.

4) C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” and “Surprised by Joy”. The former is Lewis’ case for Christianity and is a rewritten compilation of his series of radio broadcasts on the subject; the latter is Lewis’ autobiography detailing his conversion to Christianity. Now I can’t say I personally agree with Lewis’ argument for Christianity, starting from the basis of universal morality, but as one of the foremost Christian apologists of the 20th century his works are full of fascinating discussions and insights.

5) Charles Pellegrino’s “Return to Sodom and Gomorrah” is an agnostic archaeologist’s take on the scientific evidence regarding the events recorded in the bible’s earliest histories.

I hope you enjoy them and feel free to add any suggestions you may have!

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